• Image of Self love altar bottle kit.

Witch's bottles have a long history. Believed to contain the magic needed to protect a home, curse an enemy, or bless crops, evidence of such bottles have been found in many locations around the world.

This bottle is slightly different, in that it is meant for use in self love magic and to keep as a talisman on your altar. Already filled with herbs, stones, all you need to do is add something from yourself- a bit of hair or fingernail clipping.
The rose quartz is for you to hold and fill with your intentions, and then keep with you in your pocket or purse - or place the crystal on your altar. Traditionally a witch bottle is to be buried somewhere on your property, but this one can also be kept on your altar as long as it won't be disturbed.
Use the candle to drip wax around the cork to seal it.

please use care while handling the lit candle, as hot wax can cause burns.

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