Below the Oak- Established online in 2008

Here you will find witchy products that will help you in all your magical endeavors. Created with intent, every item is ready to use in any ritual, ceremony, or every day activity you choose.

My goal is to craft products that are not only functional, but that bring you the feeling you want. Grounded, uplifted, spiritually connected, magically empowered, confident, in tune with moon phases, aligned with your plant and animal allies... the potions and tools we use help us stay in our magic- whatever your magic is.

I can create custom essential oil blends, herbal oils, teas, and tinctures to suit your needs.

I occasionally create amulets and wands for your magical workings as well.

The curiosity collections I offer are curated with the intention of bringing a bit of nature and intrigue to your home. Many of my customers have purchased several collections over the years to add to their cabinets!

I also offer rough and tumbled stones, although it is infrequent. I am very picky about from where I source these items. I always look into mining practices- which can sometimes prove difficult.

Ethically sourced, organic, cruelty free, vintage- I like to keep it humane and authentic.

Tarot card readings are available at this time online only. Soon I will offer skype or facetime readings.

If you don't see what you need, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. I know I can create something for you!

My perfumes are created with essential oils, always properly diluted, with carrier oils such as jojoba and grape seed, and ready to wear. I will note which oils are not organic when applicable.

* About Me *

Witch, Tarot Card Reader, Psychic, Herbalist, Potion Maker, Crafter.

Tarot- I began reading cards after my father gave me my first deck back in 1992. I read only for myself and for friends for many years. In 2003 I began reading for paying customers. It has been an honor to use my intuitive gifts to guide others through times in which they need an extra hand. I have 35 different tarot decks and I'm happy to offer you my 27 years of experience. Paired with my psychic abilities, and my ability to channel energy from the earth and other celestial bodies- readings are always incredibly insightful.

Herbs- I have been studying plants for many years. Plant energies are so powerful, I feel I can sit with them and get grounded on a deep level. I have a special place in my heart for poisonous plants. While I don't have a certificate, I consider myself an herbalist with the ability to identify what plants or mixtures of plants will benefit a person's individual needs.

Magical Self Care- I began creating these bath and body products back in 2002 when I needed something for the skin on my ever expanding pregnant belly. While all the oil in the world wouldn't have stopped the stretch marks with that huge baby, the act of taking care of my skin and being in touch with my body was so valuable. So with a lot of research I came up with natural products that I used for myself and decided to offer to my customers.