The pouches and bundles are made with herbs that should not be taken internally. These are not meant to be used in bathing rituals.

The charms are meant to be kept near you to enhance your desired quality. I make no claims to heal or cure any condition. If you have an ailment, please check with your physician.

Solid perfume consistency may vary by type, due to different amounts of oil content. The surface of the perfume may be dented or cracked upon delivery. This happens during temperature shifts while in transit and does not effect the quality of the perfume.

I properly dilute my essential oils in my recipes, but if you are uncertain about how your skin reacts to a certain oil, please test a bit on your inner arm to see if you are sensitive. I do not offer refunds based on skin irritation.

I cannot be held responsible for any misuse of these products, or outcomes of these used.

I use organic herbs and oils in my products. Contact me for ingredient lists.

These products are being sold as curios only.

If you pay using direct checkout, I will ship within 3 days of your payment clearing.

After I package and ship off your purchase, its fate more or less rests in the hands of the post office. If your package has a tracking number and it somehow doesn't arrive but the post office says it was delivered, I can't do anything at that point. It will be up to you to contact your local post office.

By purchasing this product you are in agreement with these terms and thus, Below the Oak cannot be held liable in any cases arising thereof.